Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Jordanian and the President Agree.

That is to say, A Jordanian victim of Zarqawi and the President of the USA:

'He said U.S. special operations forces confirmed Zarqawi's location based on intelligence from Iraqis and "delivered justice to the most wanted terrorist in Iraq."'

'"I felt God has brought His heavenly justice on earth today."'

Here's the victim's tale.

Yay. And here's a better link, for a round up.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I had the killer post and then the key board jammed. Honest. (I would have posted the last couple of days but a frenzy of busyness combined with general lack of time to think held me back)

Well, actually I didn't, but Scott Burgess has a fairly-likely-to-cause-death post which I was going to link, and pontificate on.

The target is a Guardianista, naturally, who thinks only white people can be racist. Leave aside the fact that I dispute the existence of a thing called racism, preferring to think instead about crimes that are visited by one person upon another, it's still predictably bizarre to think that, as Scott points out the Guardianista thinks, Mugabe (to take one instance) can't have racist politics because he's black.

The real problem I have is with the future, rather than the past. If the Guardianista's position becomes the accepted one in a globalised world where white westerners have squandered their headstarts, whichever people of colour who come to dominate would have a made-to-measure argument for de facto racism: revenge for unjust humiliation. I don't, you see, have any sense that we whites really are racially superior: we're just quite inclined (a thing historically attested to) to get things together with limited resources. In a future where togetherness is assumed and resources unlimited because of man's established ingenuity, who knows? Maybe it'll be fun to be really racist, for some.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Though no Hirsi Ali watcher, I do begin to believe that I've underplayed her virtues. This interview with a pretty fine writer, Carlin Romano, does come with obligatory star quality, but I love the way her mind ranges across so many subjects and zeros in on them all. And she calls a certain nonagenarian orientalist 'Bernard'.

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