Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ok. Galloway update.

I watched carefully, attaching myself to every Galloway twitch and visible emotion, making like a lie detector. I'd say Galloway absolutely winged it, and not terribly convincingly unless you are impressed by supercharged blarney. I don't think the Senate committee were as bad as some people think. I thought quietly about Lord Hutton, who could never match Galloway for rhetoric but would make mincemeat of him were he given six months to conduct an enquiry.

The Scotsman agreed with me that Gallingway was bullshitting to high heaven. His attempt at raising parallels between himself and Donald Rumsfeld was bizarre, illogical, and even stupid from his own point of view, which sees Rumsfeld as something close to one of Beezebub's flies.

Furthermore, his blatant soapbox approach merely convinced me he was trying to steamroller the real questions that would have teased out his guilt. Norm Coleman may have smirked like a schoolboy but I can see why and might have done the same in his shoes. I don't think the Senate committee was trying to dissect him on live tv- merely to probe a little and show they had allowed him a chance to cooperate sincerely. Galloway failed, as sincerity is a foreign country to him.

My view is that information about Galloway's guilt will continue to dribble out; no-one has the committment to skewer Gorgeous, but plenty of people are paid to investigate his kind of corruption and will continue to fill in the picture slowly. Harry's Place, points this investigation out as an example.

The real question is when the line is crossed and Galloway goes from curiosity to societal reject. I think it will come, in time.

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