Monday, January 16, 2006

May I recommend...

Cerdic, who's a true blogger. He's set up a number of sites including the delightfully named 'Dock Green' (of Dixon fame- Dad loved 'im). All of them link me, it seems, which is even more delightful, but somehow strange (no laughing, please, at this point), since I'm as far in style from the little gnomic utterances which fill ascerbic Cerdic's blogs as can be. I will however get round to linking all of Cerdic's sites- they're invigorating- more permanently. There's something very poetic about little wedges of truth lined up in neat columns.

Every day Cerdic dutifully updates his site with tales of the absurd (that is, of the British- stifled laugh, nod to the forefathers- justice system). The greatest part is, no links, alongside no blather. Go figure, he seems to say. What? You didn't notice? Surprise!

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