Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Meanwhile the BBC's still in PC heaven:

Chirac's backing down on a so-called 'colonial law' - so the Beeb are quite excited. Thus they let doddering Chirac spout:

"France has set an example by being the first country in the world - and still the only one today - to recognise slavery as a crime against humanity. I have decided to establish a day of remembrance in France."

It's a difficult lie to parse, since technically they did outlaw slavery for a while after the revolution (don't know how effectually). The present perfect is a tad off-putting; I am sure that's not deliberate. But I don't suppose Chirac will ever get round to saying that Napoleon reinstated slavery, and it lasted almost half a century afterwards. Come to think of it, it's doubtful that in euphoric mood the BBC will bother to explain either. It must be Chirac's du bist la France moment.

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