Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reverance for an Irrelevance.

That's my view of the BBC's lavish coverage of the UN's attempt to blast the US into getting rid of Guantanamo.

I despise all this weasel worded 'amounts to torture' rhetoric from the tranzis. If you have to weasel around trying to label some kind of treatment 'torture' you can be sure it isn't that at all.

Anyway, it seems I'm not alone in thinking that the UN is an utter rotten disgrace. This man thinks so too- and he spent four years at the highest level there.

Oops, did I send you to the BBC site for some news? Silly me, I meant to send you here for some news. (via EUREF)

I think the UN is a very sad and very real distraction from the real world. The BBC seem to love it.

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