Thursday, February 09, 2006

Serious Media.

A gulf seems to be emerging between the informed professionals who have adopted the web as a vital part of their engagement with the news, and the uninformed professionals who haven't. I'll give two examples of some of the best commentary over the last few days, even though I'm far from being the first to highlight them no doubt.

Here's Claudia Rosett in magisterial form. Information brings perspective, which ultimately becomes authority.

Here's David Warren, with insight upon insight into the cartoon controversy. It's startlingly good, and makes me convinced I must make my daily visits a fixture.

What's interesting is that the governments concerned are still playing to the big media who have been thoroughly outflanked by the blogs and keyed in media. Jack Straw can have little idea of how foolish he looks from an online perspective. His career must surely be over as the message filters through. Another interesting thought is that the likes of Abu Laban can be exposed by the blogosphere, and others in the muslim world will notice this: thinking 'maybe the dhimmies are no so stupid after all; maybe Abu Laban's not so clever' ('rank idiocy' is where I would categorise him, but that would include his moral idiocy as well as his ineptitude as a forger). I would like to think they will put that in their pipe and smoke it.

See also this excellent posting at Euref. And, for a snapshot of the new media in action, interacting with one major story, check out the fabulous Michelle Malkin.

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