Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Inside Tracks

One of the good things about blogging is the way you end up wandering through thoughts that belong to different people, in different places, even acting at different times.

So here's a selection.

This is a really funny caricature from an expat newspaper in Moscow. Hilarious social commentary. I'm here in Prague, and it's probably nearer in spirit to this caricature than it would be to a similar one for the UK, but really this is one analysis which travels. There are enough categories for it not to be lacking in subtlety, too.

Here's a look into the global warming mallarkey. Given organisations as cliquey as Nasa's meteorology dept seems to be, it's no wonder they can't think straight.

And here's a look inside the world of 1970's LA journalism, showing how politics trumps news, especially concerning hot topics like immigration.

Thanks to Peter Glover and Tim Newman for 2 of 3 links.

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