Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back to Hirsi Ali, and so on

Alison at Making Headlines has a very interesting post on the topic.

There are lots of things I could say about it. One though is that my scepticism about Europe's future is not a judgement on the moral values of the people: it's simply based on observations about political change, the liveliness of the expression of civilisational values in Europe, and demography. Ultimately there's a moral dimension, but that's not important when one is merely making observations.

That any citizen in Europe is forced into isolation and has to be guarded against minority fanatics is a scandal. Each death threat letter or threatening phone call is a crime. The criminals should be chased and harried and made example of. That's the only way law works; yet if we fail to impose the law the fanatics have an alternative for us, concerning which a recent Dutch Government report suggested the Dutch become less 'spastic': Sharia law.

Back to the Beeb soon.

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