Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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In the end, too much effort required.

That might not be the right interpretation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali's decision to leave Holland, since she has certainly been pursued by the idiot pols (and stoopid media) who govern there. However, as a non-native, why should she fight for a people who not only don't value her, but make her life more difficult and more frightening than it should be?

I was interested in her personal account of her flight from fate. She was forcibly married and taken from her home in Nairobi (she was a Somali refugee at the time it seems- which is one controversy, as she claimed in the immigration forms to have fled direct from Somalia). It was there, some years after she left for Canada and ended up in Holland via Germany, (late nineties) that I met many Somalians and heard how their lives were under threat from Islamism: mainly because they had renounced Islam and adopted Christianity under the influence of their host nation. I also encountered many stories of quite horrendous forced marriages, even among apparently respectable people (and Islam tended to allow for polygamy, as an added twist). Meanwhile there were accounts of armed Somali-Islamist gangs roaming the streets in trucks aiming to track down and kill apostates, and sometimes succeeding.

But isn't it ironic that Ayaan's critics accuse her of lying when in fact it is merely their cultural ignorance that prevents them from seeing that in recording her name as Ali she was just drawing on one of the many names with which her culture had endowed her? The multi-culti society knows little about traditional cultures. I wonder how many immigrants get into and stay in the West due to outright lies rather than artful half-truths? Surely Ali's main crime has been attempting to live truthfully and potently on the back of (at worst, in my view) a few paltry half-truths, rather than skulking and absorbing the benefits of an outright lie. Outright lies the pols can cope with as they're ok with that; as long as the immigrant keeps a low profile, only mugging the odd old lady or raping a young tart or, in the female case, goes on the game herself, that's ok.

Faced with such out-of-touchness and crass double-standards I'd be very willing to agree that Holland will never, by itself and under her influence, 'get it'. She is better casting her bread upon the waters.

Wikipedia's account is bang up to date and worth reading.

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