Friday, July 07, 2006

Such a sketchy blogger recently.

I'm blogging this from Budapest, where I have gone for a quick getaway. The weather is amazing, thanks. My laptop remains unfixed but internet cafes are so cheap here the only thing holding me back is the need to enjoy this city before I leave. The Jewish quarter is crumbling but reviving itself year by year it seems (I came last summer and I feel convinced it is developing), with the largest Synagogue in Europe. That's the area where I am right now, salivating gently at the thought of my evening meal, and whether it's to be Jewish in character or not. I will fix the laptop situation, and a will not be permanently absent. Budapest is great. Prague is better. Thank you, and good evening.

...And meanwhile, the aforeblogged Mr Fawkes has been sending out tottie reporters. What on earth! I could add to my tourist update by stating that anything London parties can do, Budapest can do better. At the spa on St Margaret's island yesterday, for instance. (see earlier comment for Prague comparison- though there are no spas there)

But back in the real world (ie. the geeky newsy bloggy one), I was fascinated by this story about the London bombers. Could be that Al Qaeda's not so much a nightmare but more a reality, after all.

See you soon.

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