Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tilting the pitch against Israel.

In so many ways the BBC have taken to misrepresenting the situation of Israel. It persistently sees israel as just a common or garden warmaker, whose warrior spirit has as its object the civilian nation of Palestinians and now Lebanese.

The headline to this article is truly foul, when looked at in the cold light of day: "Israel kills Lebanese civilians".

What country gets such media treatment that casualties of a conflict which it didn't start and hopes not to continue are regarded as its national fault?

The BBC persistently fail to menton that the hostage-taking was a deliberate infringement of terrirorial sovereignty by Hezbullah, and that it has been accompanied by an ever-present barrage of rocket attacks on Israel. This is the true cause of the current actions taken by Israel. They have stepped up nothing, contrary to BBC claims, but have had their will to self-defence tested ever more sorely by terrorists with backing from regional powerhouses like Syria and Iran.

Israel is said to have "launched a campaign". Well, that is stretching language to breaking point, as if Israel's position left it any choice. Luxury car firms and pampered western politicians 'launch campaigns'. Victims of violence and bullying don't. Apparently, according to the laughable Beeb, "Hezbollah has responded with rocket attacks". What, trying to cover up the history of Hezbullah rocket attacks, again!?When will the BBC get tired of that old Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum nursery rhyme they revert to whenever it's terrorists that are obviously guilty of targeting and harrassing Israel?

To get a flavour of what the BBC are overlooking, read this transciption of some of Ehud Olmert's recent comments, which comes via EU Ref.

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