Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is Britain Beyond Boutique Multiculturalism?

That term, "boutique multiculturalism", is a key reason for linking Jeff Goldstein's 'other side of the pond' musings on the reaction in Britain to last weeks foiled terror plot.

That and the fact that Goldstein's writing is always a joy, and his opinions never fail to stimulate.

Alison at Making Headlines produced a fine round up post on the subject, memorably getting going by saying "It is time to kick these leaders" (the truculent islamic ones that is).

So, are we ready!!!

I don't think so, but at the same time the truth is that British multiculturalism is not just boutique. It's real. I have known many, many people from a non-British background with good sense, good manners, and loyalty to Britain. There is potential, and it'd be pathetic to conclude otherwise.

Unfortunately the weeds strangle the good seed, and the politicians, consistent with the rest of British politics, have allowed the weeds to dominate. I listened in absolute disgust at the insane anti-Jewish pronouncements of a man well-known to me through the British media, Azzam Timimi. From the video (here is the video on LGF) I recognised the location, one I know reasonably well: Trafalgar Square next to the lions.

That is the problem, right there; we have all sorts of people living in fear of saying the wrong thing, and then an Islamic fascist like Timini freely mouthing off in the heart of our capital. I am angry.

What we really needed though was some good old fashioned heckling, to his face and in the faces of the Islamic fascist mob around him. When are we going to learn to be rude to the right people? Really, screaming, in your face, hit-me-and-break-the-law-go-on-do-it rude. That's when we'll begin to sort our problems out and the boutiques can truly open for business, with extensions at the back.

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