Sunday, September 17, 2006

Words with legs.

I mentioned below David Warren's article on the Pope's words and the BBC's misrepresentation of them. The BBC seem to have a sickening game playing out here, as though trying to prove that all without exception must bow the knee before multicultural pieties (transfigured almost without a blink into a monocultural defence of Islam).

Warren's intro alluded to one of the most significant facts about the BBC which makes its coverage preeminently important:

"The BBC appears to have been quickest off the mark, to send around the world in many languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu, and Malay, word that the Pope had insulted the Prophet of Islam, during an address in Bavaria."

It's the license tax, folks, that pays for it.

Oh, but he forgot Somali.

Who knows if it might be connected to events like this- a nun murdered in Somalia?

Two things stand out here: one is the assault on the stature of the Pope. The other is the assault on intellectual freedom whereby a carefully framed quote from an obscure source as part of a highly academic address to groups of academics by a former academic can be rendered a slap in the face of the Islamic street by wilful multiculti journalists dripping ignorance and prejudice in equal measure.

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