Monday, April 09, 2007

Compare and contrast

Zimbabweans write. Here and here.

"Every day, every night, hitmen in smart, unmarked vehicles arrive and drag people out their houses, or beat them senseless, because they don’t support the ruling Zanu PF."

"Mugabe has always left his people licking their wounds. He stops at nothing to take out his frustration, his anger and what he sees as his God-given right to lead on the people...The man jumps at shadows and orders his police and army, together with the CIO, the youth militia and the war veterans to beat his own people - the very ones that voted him into power."
[ I don't think Mugabe ever got in in a truly straight election process, even at the beginning there were thousands of reports of intimidation on big M's behalf- ed]

Comfy non-Zimbabwean western marxists write. Here and here

"Morgan Tsvangirai is a Western sponsored "terrorist", he plotted in London to assassinate Mugabe and overthrow the elected government. There is nothing democratic about the MDC, unlike the Mahdi army and Badr Brigades in Iraq, Hamas in Palestine or Hezbollah in Lebanon."

Ever since veterans of the guerrilla war against apartheid Rhodesia violently seized white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, the country’s president, Robert Mugabe, has been demonized by politicians, human rights organizations and the media in the West."

Given the general apathy towards meaningful actions against Mugabe, given the laissez faire approach that has given the main role to quiet diplomat Thabo Mbeki, given the catastrophic (no understatement) decline of every aspect of Zimbabwean life taking Mugabe's reign in its totality, isn't it clear that far too much credit has been given already to the marxist take on that country, without the BBC giving it some more? (see where they link luscious lawyerly lefty Steph's blog- 1st marxist link above).

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