Sunday, July 15, 2007

The enviro-scam

How fundamental is the enviro-scam to the thinking and ascendancy of today's Left?

That's the question I am pondering more and more. The idea of dwindling resources, the need for management, for restraint, for taxes, for censorship of ideas- all the profound needs of the Left can be satisfied by their mantra.

It makes the sell-out of the modern Conservatives look painfully foolish.

The BBC are of course among the main culprits in causing this skewing of data and ideas, and of course the BBC have been the most stable platform for leftwing ideas for decades (they have in fact been a vital long-term incubator of all leftish ideas). Where would the Left be in the UK without the BBC?

EU Ref points out a series of items in today's Telegraph which call into question both the "fact" of MMGW and the BBC's behaviour.

Then there is this latest example. It's also very wintry in Australia- almost as if El Nino were still playing itself out.

The bottom line for the BBC (unchanging, we know):

"Scientists say the unseasonable droughts, heavy rains and frosts are due to climate change."

In fact it seems ever more likely that it was the Sun wot did it, or the lack of it.

See also what Lubos Motl has translated from Vaclav Klaus. Choc full of ideas. Motl is a great Czech, as is Klaus.

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