Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tandem thoughts

In the battle against Islamofascism, we don't appear to have had a lot of success. Most people would say it's got worse rather than better. Such is the nature of the rising tide.

If we were though to follow the central understandings offered by our more responsible commentators, we'd be getting things more or less right from here on.

Hassan Butt
may be a former Jihadi, but he provides one fundamental when he identifies "the real engine of our violence: Islamic theology.". The question is, do we know what that really means? (by the way, I don't mean to say that I actually trust this guy Butt- but the point is a sensible one).

Mark Steyn
, meanwhile, identifies another core point: "Liberty is a 24/7 condition, not merely a trip to the voting booth every few years."

So, do we understand the attraction of the theo-Islamic-ideology, and do we know what it means to be at liberty?

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