Thursday, August 23, 2007

There's a thunderstorm outside and the air is humid...

Well, anyway, to cut a long story short I'm off on my hols tomorrow- I've been doing quite a bit to get ready and get stuff done which explains my absence the last few days. Anyway, somewhere even warmer than it is this evening beckons- that's Croatia, actually.

So, rather than leave you bereft, I'm going to link to a few places and posts that keep/have kept me entertained.

Keeping you in touch with all things globally warmed and otherwise- with his own thoughts- Czech theoretical physicist Lubos Motl is supremely worth a visit.

Robert Spencer has done a great job in response to a critic of his book comparing Islam and Christianity. One of the few people on the internet with his feet not in the ether but on the ground. His Jihad Watch can be found here.

Speaking of Islam, if you don't visit Memri, you should. All that weird Islamic gobbledygook thoroughly translated and often in video form.

While we're on the subject of information, there is no more informative and educational blog than EU Referendum. Stodgy title, but straight up. I particularly liked this post recently. Helen's always illuminating.

Oh, and if you want a laugh you stand a chance of some fresh posts at Peter Briffa's place.

I'll be back in just over a week. I might get fortunate and find a way, sans cumbersome laptop, of posting something here. Chances are I'll have some thoughts to share.

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