Saturday, September 08, 2007

Projection quote of the day:

"the more the American people reside in a world of hate, fear, terror, anger and sheer unthinking blind rage; the better it is for the egotistical unholy cult "leader" Osama Bin Laden....."

What hell it is in Amerikkka according to the Daily Kos.

All this stirred up by the latest little tirade from Osama. Latest, I say, well, perhaps the best attested as having come from the OBL.

Since a lot of other people have been spouting their opinions about it, I may as well.

OBL comes over as a fantastically cocooned, smug, unconsciously ethno-religio-nationalistic, bigoted and wildly generalising man of 50.

In fact, a not untypical liberal. A kind of psychotic Tony Benn on speed.

Sure, the problems of the world are caused by man's engorged unthinking stupidity- but it ain't George Bush's that stands out for me.

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