Monday, May 11, 2009

Labourgraph at it again...

This blog has never in its lifetime been a fan of the Daily Telegraph. I hate to use words like "infiltrated" because such words have no class- but then again nor does the Telegraph or its New Labour allies. So to use the word about the Telegraph is probably apt. They have been ever more compromised by associations with New Labour attack dogs and their poodle chums at the BBC, and all the mutts involved are thoroughly wormy.

For a moment back there (ooh, three days ago) I was half-tempted to believe that it had got its mojo back. Alas not. The DT is about to launch a fresh attack on Tory MPs over expenses.

It is evident that MPs are rich targets, but consider how the DT have attacked- first New Labour, the Government. Yes, that was sensible as their core readers are Conservatives who like the smell of Labour reputations smouldering in the morning. But the DT knows that Labour is already damaged goods. What they are doing by raising the whole expenses issue the way they are is levelling the playing field. They are enabling a new tabula rasa to emerge, with Gordon Brown able to claim a kind of twisted moral leadership; a one-eyed man in the land of the blind he will assert with his grotesque sense of entitlement.

It seems somehow inconceivable that Gordon can bludgeon his way out of his desperate mess of a government, but there is this uncomfortable sense that he could that's rather like the feeling most horror films give you about two thirds of the way through. He's not dead yet. Much more so than with Tony Blair, who was somewhat closer to Frankenstein's creator than the monster himself, I feel the need for that final killing mechanism; to mix marques, that stake through the heart that shows the monster is really through and that you can relax in your seats. The true horror of horrors is that the ending is beyond your control- so this horror story probably still has some way to run

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