Thursday, July 09, 2009

Touching togetherness

It's great to see how nuLabour pols have kissed and made up and that "big beasts" like two Jags Prescot and Charlie the safety elephant are back on message as "outsiders" calling for an investigation into some phone hacking (not tapping) conducted a couple of years ago by NotW.

There's a time when cronyism gets comical and this is it. Who exactly is going to authorise such an investigation other than Charlie and John's chums in Cabinet? Why should they do so 2 1/2 years after the events in question? Why moreover should Andy Coulsen resign twice for the same offence of lack of oversight which he already admitted candidly to when he served as NoTW news editor? One could carry on; the scandal dwindles almost infinitely down to a soodling thread, while the real scandal becomes the sheer swollen stupidity and hapless spontaneous ineptitude of a NuLabour cabal who think that all affronts to their standing have been staged, and seek to retaliate in kind, completely bovinely unaware that their bad publicity has stemmed from their bad actions, character and management; they haven't the wit even to seek a scapegoat, preferring to launch stink bombs at their opponents. May the big stick of the electorate thwack their conspiratorial bottoms!

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