Friday, February 26, 2010

As the UK election approaches, more and more the NuLabour machine rages, and sadly to effect. I look forward to the day when we pursue people like Campbell and Mandelson and put them in the dock for conspiring to subvert the democratic process. It makes me so mad when I hear of the so-called "charity" Commission investigating the anti-bullying charity whose Chief Executive spoke out after Peter Mandelson denied any stories of bullying in No 10 Downing Street.

Where to start in the sorry mess? What about the Charity Commission- an over-politicised institution no doubt? What about the anti-bullying charity- understandably engrossed with political signals about the bullying issue? What about Mandy himself, "unleashing hell" on the charity and its leadership after it crossed his media spin operation. Mandy is the nearest thing the UK has to evil, the biggest bully boy of all.

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