Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ok I've let go this post... could be little half-baked but between friends you know...

Compassionate Conservative Melanie Phillips on the British Government's appalling combination of ineptitude and amorality about Zimbabwean refugees in this country- and indeed the whole asylum system.

The problem to me is that the British Government and its agencies apply the same approach to immigration that they apply to areas like law and order. They attack the less sophisticated users of the system because it's easier to demonstrate routine competence that way than by seeking developed policies that actually tackle abusers of the system (who are naturally more sophisticated in their approach). Basically they have no concept of hard work in the service of the real public good, but they certainly know a lot about soft work in pursuit of looking good.

Quote of the day on the immigration subject may have come via the BBC reporting the Home Office on immigration-

'Home Office officials say they have sought to take into account the fact that some illegal immigrants may not have filled in their census forms.'

Not filling them in? You don't say? I don't know where we can fit in the fact that illegals in 2001 would include Poles, Czechs etc. who would now be in the UK legally, but based on several of my direct contacts with these matters, I'd say the UK is really still a destination of choice for the mobile masses of the world. Meanwhile the suffering Zimbabweans fail to get much of a shoulder to cry on to put it mildly.

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