Saturday, July 02, 2005

Clive Davis (new link in my sidebar) has an interesting reflection on the inbred world of London journalism (and I don't think the phenomenon confines itself to London- but London revels in it). That aspect of the (London dominated) UK media is one reason I don't buy the idea that it is the world's most competitive. Of course it is, if the adrenalin of competition is anything to go by, but its domination by certain family names- I could add Preston and Reynolds to the few offered as samples by Davis- suggests that the competitiveness exists within a fairly fragile bubble, a carefully tended ecosystem of the logos. Great fun for those who enjoy name-watching, but for those interested in a broad and balanced perpective, as opposed to a bunch of back-scratchers enlivened by the odd token outsider (representative of some undeniable fringe), not.

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