Thursday, July 28, 2005

BBC slither, slide, snake towards objectives.

When the BBC report Northern Ireland I have certain expectations. They won't be as soft on the IRA/Sinn Fein as they are, say, on Islamic terrorists. On the other hand they will sneak into their reporting some form of apologia for the IRA, some way of accommodating the Republican mantra as promulgated by terrorists like Gerry Adams and Martin Mcguinness. These men may be tired of not being able to say 'we've won' openly and with ever increasing clarity as they enter their dotages. They may be a bit miffed that the trappings of high office haven't yet materialised. But despite that any fool with half an eye can see that they're not the future of Ireland, North or South, or the whole thing together. And the main reason is that they don't know the meaning of sorry. Sorry combined with Adams and McGuinness makes sense like mixing water and oil makes sense.

So, I am almost equally angry with the BBC and the fascists of Sinn Fein when it is reported that 'During the NI Troubles, the IRA was blamed for about 1,800 murders.' . This is such a massive passive! Who 'blamed them' we are left to ask? For a Republican these are mostly to be regarded as smears. They didn't see them as murders because they saw themselves as freedom fighters in a war against occupation. They still do. For the BBC to let them sneak along without full admission of guilt is a crime against the people of Northern Ireland.

Mind you, on this issue (as in truth, on many) there's not much to choose between the BBC and the British Government, or their ununionist lackeys who they have coerced into demoralising the Unionist movement generally .

The British Government's Good Friday Agreement has meant the release of bombers like Sean Kelly, responsible for the murder (and nb. not 'blamed for' but 'responsible for') of nine people on the Shankhill road in 1993. 12 years for something approaching mass murder? And Republicans like Adams and McGuinness have championed his cause. If there's one lesson I would hope we'd have learnt from the jihad it's that bombing and claiming both grievances and rights are part of the same phenomenon. How can Blair claim to want to resist dhimmitude when he rankly submits to the terror rationale of McGuinness and Adams. We know he's not serious. He'd just love a slightly conciliatory kind of bin Laden to emerge with whom he could do business.

Ultimately however one has to say that you can't cheat history. Rapprochement with the Adams/McGuinness nationalist front won't bring stability to Northern Ireland or even Ireland in the long run. It will certainly bring criminality in high places, but it might also bring terrorism right to our door. The anti-colonialist path-ideology requires feeding with blood. The Spanish weren't crazy to believe in an ETA-Islam link up. I don't think it's a cloud diffused but actually a storm gathering.

Btw. This BBC opinion article seems to credit M. and A. with something courageous: There have been minor defections along the way, but Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness have steered the IRA through a period of dramatic change without a major split - and without being killed.

Hurrah for rhetoric! I don't believe there was ever any danger of that, given the godfather grip those two have between them on people who understand the wind's behind them even if the demography, reason and morality aren't.

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