Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I have a theory about the London bombings that runs contrary to Tony Blair's thesis.

Yes, there is no excuse for terror- but maybe we did deserve it (not the people struck, I hasten to add). For things like our appeasement of the IRA, our unwillngness to crack down on threats to other countries emanating from our country, for being so complacent as to regard our Islamic 'militants' as a matter for the leisurely measured stride of the law- even today, after the horse has bolted-, and at the end of all that playing the Churchillian, even when that was a trick even Churchill could barely pull off with a clear conscience.

Surely it's clear that leaving Islamism up to the courts is just an open invitation to develop a more sophisticated jihad, aided and abetted by powerful legal establishment figures. There's a musical, or a tragedy, waiting to be written about our hypocrite Premiere and his crusading wife- the woman who helped write a suicide note for a nation, with a husband who thinks he can save the world. Maybe the reason the Guardian thought it was ok to hire Dilpazier Aslam was that Cherie had no problem doing a big favour for Shabin Begum (the girl in the not-infamous-enough hijab case)'s big brother, a supporter of Aslam's terror-friendly party, Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Talk about inbreeding- it makes you wonder about Tony Blair's political parentage; can't blame him for that I suppose, but can't really trust him either.

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