Wednesday, March 15, 2006

But maybe I have been missing things...

Like this from the clever Mr Tall, a draw-latching rogue as some know him, but an astute and valued fellow blogger to me (is there a contradiction there?).

I realise that I'm well out of date on this (it being a news item from about a week ago), but it seems important, in the light of the excision of Mark Steyn from the British press. I heard that Steyn made an appearance on the BBC recently- it would make a nice coup for them if they could sneak him back onto their books somehow. (Of course S.T. Editor Sarah Sands has got the boot too, which is interesting, though I've never valued her journalism. Her picture has always pleased me though).

Anyway, Laban was drawing attention to an interview in the Telegraph with Patrick Sookhdeo, a prominent CoE figure and convert from Islam. The interview was fascinating; but I only read it via Laban's pasting of it onto his blog as the Telegraph has long since yanked it. It was essentially outlining the way the behaviour of Muslims in the UK was following a pattern laid down in the era of Khomeneian radicalism (that's my thought, anyway), in 1980. Rule number one: never dilute your presence.

But I think we need to put this in some kind of context, for it's the context which agitates me.

Let's Beebify it, for a min:

Now, I've no time for Pat Robertson, a US religious celebrity, but I suspect that's why the BBC chooses him to provide a newsworthy story concerning allegations of Islamic plots for world domination. After all, Dr Sookhdeo would bring things too close to home, and Robertson is easily swatted away.

The fact that the Muslim faith does plot such a domination, a political domination, is ignored by the BBC. Instead, they parrot the line that Western tolerance has failed, which is both counter to any reason in the light of terrorist atrocities against the West, and morally defeatist.

The fact is that it is not just by reading the Koran, or by listening to your average Imam, that one can get a general impression of a kind of pressure towards Islamification being exerted. One can get much more specific instances, as Scott Burgess has pointed out regarding the Muslim Brotherhood.

To take a recent example, the leader of the Danish Imams, Abu Laban, met with the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Qaradawi, during his rabble rousing tour last year.

Here I do not need to suggest conspiracy, I need merely to point to it. And meanwhile the entire British press is heading, along with British Government, down the path of appeasement, willing to sacrifice anything in their conviction that they will find peace if they only apologise to the right people.

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