Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The 'we are the enemy' theorists.

But first, it's good to be back. Originally I had blogger woes, a kind of 'PACman' phenomenon, for which their email apology was bare comfort. Then, my ISP 'upgraded' my connection. Mmm. Three weeks later, they told me they'd issued me with the wrong password for the new connection, though that was a secondary, follow up problem to their initial failure to run through procedures properly. Mmm.

But things aren't much different, though I've only just discovered that Milosevic is dead. First I saw something about his 'widow', and slowly it dawned on me that he was no more.

Tragic though, is that Mark Steyn seems to have been dumped, or is imminently to be dumped, by both Telegraph and Spectator publications. The news comes through the Guardian Newspaper, in the form of a sympathetic-style commentary from a notebook-type columnist. The Guardianistas will know they've gained a victory, and are channeling their good news through a token sympathist.

The tragedy though is more because Steyn really can write. Not only that, but he has a kind of clarity and sinuous thinking which only genius has, and that's why the boneheads at the Tele and the Speccie couldn't stand it. Steyn's a friggin' genius, for crying out loud! You don't do that to genius unless you're secretly culturally suicidal.

Anyway, to topic, and my beef with the media, specifically the BBC.

Melanie Phillips points out the latest outrage, or should it be idiocy? The Beeb's attempt, via risible leech Michael Crick, to draw an equivalence between Israel's acquisition of the bomb and Iran's.

I know some who would demand an argument that demonstrated the non-equivalence of the two, rather than condemning Iran out of hand. Sorry, I'm not offering that, and I do condemn Iran out of hand. If fantasists want a nice even balance to history and politics then who can stop them theorising such equivalences? Balance is a mantra, a religious thing, a guilt trip where guilty parties are to be found within the story of the West, excepting themselves and their kindred spirits of course as the heroes of the piece. The new Beeb charter is a recipe for more of the same.

Clive Davis also notices something interesting: it's the freedom of interpretation which culturally western leftist conspiracy theorists (I use the term loosely for all those who think that secretly the faults of our culture and history are the root of all world problems today) allow themselves with other culturally western people's actions.

Sickening. Really. And the Telegraph has sacked Mark Steyn. Idiots.

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