Monday, April 10, 2006

There's really nothing to say when there's so much to observe.

Here's hoping the Berlusconi swing continues. I'm keeping an eye on this blog for the news. He's a kind of talisman for Italy, a kind of genius, and although his economic policies have failed to a degree, can you imagine the commies doing better? (oh, and he's a reasonably strong from a national security pov).

Then there's this: Captain's Quarters says 'Case Closed' following the translation of a secret Iraqi document showing that Saddam recruited suicide bombers to strike US interests. It's one of those logic gates: if Saddam recruited bombers for targetting the US then Saddam was a living link in the war on terror. But then I knew that anyway.

Then there's this: in the wake of France's backdown over employment reform, the only momentum for change seems to in one scary direction.

I haven't forgotten, incidentally, that this is a Beebbashbased blog. Beeb bashing can wait a little, though not too long (unlike the poetry, which is a bit of a frippery to be honest) as I get a mite twitchy if I don't have the Beeb in my sights.

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