Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Intelligent and the Tragic

Not to denigrate the potential of Africans, but I think this story highlights just how tragic a plight can be. Of course, many Africans are also reasonably comfortable, though not in our terms. The BBC did well to highlight it: in certain parts of Africa it's a commonplace story- but I can almost hear her saying, "It's me, Mary, you know, me, me!"- and it's certainly not restricted to Zimbabwe.

Niall Ferguson puts together a rational survey of the general malaise of Africa, and in particular Ghana.

In my view, colonialism-lite would be the best policy for us, operating through churches (I would say faith-based charities but wish to exclude Islamic ones and politicised charities). Churches are something Africans generally understand and welcome, and the power structures are amenable to their local cultures.

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