Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Big Story you haven't heard about.

The BBC is usually all over stories of violence from America, especially those with a racial dimension, like this.

Curiously enough they're not all over this story, which comes via the excellent la Shawn Barber. And saying that the US media would rather ignore it is not an excuse: Greg Dyke boasted once that the BBC covers topics too hot for the US media (he was actually talking about Iraq, but the same would be true regarding white on black crime, which would be generally referred to as race hate crime). Not on this occasion, it seems.

It made my blood boil. Swift and accurate justice would stop people such as the criminals concerned from getting as far down the line of evil callousness as to commit such crimes against the very humanity of us all.

Update: HotAir now has a barnstorming vent on the subject which pretty much says it all.

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