Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hope for Gaza and the West Bank: gangs of fascists are fighting each other in what might ironically be titled a "civil war". The BBC chooses to avoid the irony, for some reason.

So what's the good news (apart from the above)? Well, as noted by Instapundit from this Times' report, "Some Palestinian analysts predict that a collapse of the Palestinian Authority would pave the way for Jordanian custodial rule in the West Bank and a similar arrangement for Egypt in Gaza."

Which would mean the reunification of the Palestinian ethnic grouping, and an end to the farcical pretense of a nation used by the Arab world to undermine Israel, more or less.

The Wall is working, t'would appear.

Oh, and the second hope would be that such rule of law would end the Kassam missile attacks into Israel.

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