Sunday, June 12, 2005

Can it be true?

The Jerusalem Post reported that Orla Guerin was to receive an MBE, yet I couldn't find her on the BBC's list (btw. I have very limited list-scanning abilities) . The BBC is keeping quiet about it if she did, as I'd have expected a footnote to this article about Frank Gardner's award if she had been honoured.

BTW, I should point out I posted on the honours list just recently, 'inspired' by the alleged Guerin honour. Actually even without her my argument would still be essentially the same. If, however, it really is true that Guering (so easy to misspell, I find) has been honoured, I am intrigued that it's being kept so quiet. If it's the case that she was going to be honoured but somehow this transference of honour was frozen, that's also intriguing.

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