Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Extra, Extra. It seems the BBC noticed a nuance about that French kidnappee: she received farewell gifts from her kidnappers. Goodness, those Islamofascists must have got tired of all the bad press, but at least the BBC show some reflex reactions suggesting sentience. When is a hostage not a hostage?- When they're a French guest of Islamofascists.

More interestingly, this reflection (via Roger Simon) on the real feelings of Chinese people, and Mark Steyn's good Sino-sense. Having extensive expatriot experience myself I can really identify with this feeling that the deeper currents of public opinion, hidden from Microsoft scrutiny and BBC polling, are far more positive to the USA, in particular (more so than to dear old Blighty, I'm afraid), than is generally allowed for in western self-analyses.

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