Monday, June 13, 2005

What we're all about. Richard North has another great post on what the EU is all about.

Meanwhile, I offer a selection of what the BBC is all about:

Anti-Americanism, the promotion of European machination, dhimmitude and the interests of other, hostile countries.

To my mind, in the above articles, and in one case the programme connected, the BBC pursues its post-US election vendetta against Christian red State America, covers for the growing Airbus fiasco, which it terms 'squabbles', (try telling Quantas and co. that- maybe the Beeb can be a witness in court), promotes the Islamic agenda in Britain, and reports the meaningless return of yet another French journalist whose collaboration got a bit out of hand in Iraq and has now become Chirac's latest PR opportunity.

Not only is this journalism by political agenda, it's also sadly lacking in news content. The two go hand in hand it seems.

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