Thursday, July 21, 2005

Get Real!
This is why it's no time for joking around with fake 'fatwas'. David Vance pointed me to Jonah Goldberg's direct and devastating article at Townhall. What is being experienced in London is as near as dammit to what a certain Mr Powell, a very decent man by all accounts of those who knew him, envisioned. See also Wretchard's brilliant analysis of our problem- a 'must read' so 'must' I've now linked it twice in one day. Two Americans, a British Ulsterman, and one dead Englishman 'getting it' suggest that the current specifically home grown lot should be doing a lot better. And that's no joke.

p.s. Here's what seems to be a good account of Enoch Powell's life from Wikipedia, including his notable military service and trememdous learning, which provides some perspective. Also ps., I suppose it's only sensible at this point to link to the speech Enoch became notorious for- I'm frequently too squeamish about things like this.

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