Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Loads o' people talking about multiculti matters. Here's three great takes (and I have to say it's ordinary British bloggers who are shining in this regard, as much as any established journalists. Of course there's Steyn, naturally). So here's a terrific trio: George, and Andrew, and yes, Mark (whose wife is English). Of them all I think perhaps the most startlingly well-written is Andrew Mc Cann's contribution- which is saying something when the competition is from Mr Steyn.

However, I did love this comment on the Blair-Heath axis of pseud:

'Sir Edward's successor, Mr Blair, said on the day of the bombing that terrorists would not be allowed to "change our country or our way of life". Of course not. That's his job - from hunting to Europeanisation. Could you reliably say what aspects of "our way of life" Britain's ruling class, whether pseudo-Labour like Mr Blair or pseudo-Conservative like Sir Ted, wish to preserve? The Notting Hill Carnival? Not enough, alas.'

Yes, but, heartening -and necessary- though it is to do a bit of inward looking analysis of the country we're becoming, I think it's important to see what others are doing. The BBC, realising that they can't immediately make a link between the Iraq war and the London bombing, are attempting to ratchet up the quagmire factor, adding whatever tasty new morsels they can find. It's merely turning the other end of the 'it wasn't worth it' screw, preparatory to a renewed spate of 'Iraq made the bombs' reportage.(incidentally, I've been following the quagmire bandwagon for a long time- I think a history of the BBC's Iraq coverage could be written with their use of this word- occasional, but political, meaningful and totally insistent- as the fulcrum).

David Kaspar, on a slightly different tack, has a good anti-quagmire analysis- at least, taking on the puff-chested idiots who claim vindication with every media opportunity. (via Instapundit)

As Steyn says of a different group of dhimmis, 'Cherie Booth and Dave Brown and the Bishop of Lichfield will get you killed.'. I'd like to add Jenny Tonge to that trio, were it not snappier to leave things triplicate.

What angers me so much about the quagmire BBC is that they basically offer the coverage the terrorists need to achieve their objectives- just to prove themselves right about the whole business. They'd be absolutely welcome to that victory if it were not also a defeat for everything decent that currently exists. I think I'll finish with another little link which I found very telling. I don't always judge people by the language they use, but I found this little exchange reported by Stephen Pollard very telling. The BBC are really something like low-life these days.

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