Saturday, July 23, 2005

Not wishing to be unpatriotic, unhelpful, or lacking seriousness, but if it's true that the police (as they suggest themselves) shot the wrong guy (I mean an innocent man) the other day then it makes me very angry. They expect the British public to identify the bombers by the photographs they issued, and then they fail to notice that the man they're tailing is not one of the four. It's not really tenable to say 'better safe than sorry'. It's just stupid jittery behaviour tinged with criminal negligence that endangers all the activities they need to succeed in at the moment. I want to hear that this man was in some way connected- that he knew the bombers and was associated with them. Otherwise it was just a guy who found the police intimidating, who happened to make the police feel intimidated, too. What is worse is that just a couple of hours ago I watched a smug looking Sir Ian Blair on TV saying with a smile that he was very pleased with how things were going. 'Very pleased' is not how I would feel if the first time my guys had seen fit to use their most lethal power they had hit a man completely innocent of the activity I was trying to combat. I would call it a classic own goal in all sorts of ways, and to smile through it compounding the folly. As Helen at EurRef describes 'not coping', I would call it a symptom of not coping.

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