Sunday, July 31, 2005

this is just a BBC Islamist inspired fantasy, as DumbJon points out, and using phrases like '"People are going to fight back."' reminds me of nothing more than the much descried BNP rhetoric which some would like to be actionable- and some do find actionable. 'Phone the police- help the Jihad' might be a nice slogan; or anyway phone your local special pleading centre.

Meanwhile, I couldn't believe how ridiculous the human rights angle from this article was. 'Ethnic' men, apparently, are to be searched more often by police than those who don't seem 'ethnic'. That makes absolute sense, but I just can barely believe how stupid the racial crusader brigade, in criticising this, think we are. Their rationale is that '"If you search people of a particular race or description while letting others through, it doesn't take long for a terrorist group to learn ways of placing their lethal cargo with those who don't meet the profile."'

Yes, but, it's surely a lot riskier for them to approach people not of their 'tribe' with a view to making them human incendiarists. There are many gullible white people who are susceptible to the old Islamofascist-anti-colonial-Islam-means-peace canard- but how can you be sure the worm won't turn? Or, if you mean to plant the bombs on some carrier- how risky is that for the bomber makers point of view? Very.

This stupendous lack of imagination from the so-called human rights lobby is not accidental- they have so much contempt for the ordinary ethnic majority in this country they feel they have to keep it simple and emotionally appealing.

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