Monday, August 01, 2005

Laban Tall has a great post about the Anthony Walker murder. He compares the coverage of the Walker murder to that of several white boys murdered out of racial animosity. He also gives the stats for interracial murders, which are interesting.

Laban's tacked-on conclusion may be my only quibble with his post. He says ' I'd just like to say that I've no objection to the amount of air that the Anthony Walker case is getting. I'd just like to see all all murders getting that kind of coverage'

I hope that he meant 'all such racially motivated murders'. I'd be all in favour of that. After all, the argument for media prioritising of such murders as Walker's is that racial murders are part of a larger story, not isolated spasms of emotional conflagration as many murders are. However, what's needed is an even-handed presentation of this apparently awful racial tension in the UK (actually it isn't, but the repercussions in politically correct lifestyle restriction are pretty awful, as are the consequences for such integral roles of the state as controlling immigration).

That would mean people getting sick of hearing about white people killed by ethnic minorities in Britain, even more than vice versa- and the most sick of all at hearing it would be the ethnic minorities themselves. Many decent people would be sick of having to analyse their role in all of this, just as we lily livered whites are when berated by BBC-led guilt-edged coverage.

The stumbling block to all of this is the possibility of quite widespread revenge attacks (which doesn't seem so much of a problem when those radicalised are the minority- though I guess radicalisation is hardly the flavour of the month). These might come because the Law is rarely seen to be effective- there is no catharsis in seeing the guilty punished, so the liberal elite are somewhat justified in damping the stories of white trauma down on the narrow pragmatic ground that there would indeed be a backlash. There would because their Royal Liberalnesses are so ineffective and the law has no teeth.

Pub Philosopher agrees about the ultimate sanction of the state.

But rather than give the law teeth we have to join the multi-culti merry-go-round of white guilt. It won't do.

nb. see my earlier post if you have doubts about my feeling about Anthony Walker's death.

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