Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I fail to see what's good about David Davis's latest spiel about multiculturalism not working- apart from the sentiment itself.

After all, Mr Davis says 'Let us be clear. Non-Muslims have obligations to their Muslim fellow citizens - to strive for equal opportunities for all, to accept the mainstream version of Islam as a part of society'

But what's clear about this? Why do I have to accept mainstream Islam as part of society? None of Christianity's recommendations or prohibitions are accepted today in society, so why should Islam's have a special place? And does he mean that the police in Bedfordshire have the right idea and this is moderate Islam? (via DumbJon)

And if so, he's not going to change anything whatsoever if, in some freak non-representative accident such as Islamists blowing up the Labour Party whilst in conference, he gets the opportunity.

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