Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Apologies for the lack of posting yesterday. Of course, I am also sorry about the hiatus that occurred in recent weeks, but this was almost wholly due to technical matters beyond my control eg. being given the wrong password for an upgraded ISP connection! (amongst other things) duh. There are two compounding factors; one, I live and work in Prague, thereby reducing my ability to communicate over matters which in the UK would be simply solved (Czech is a difficult language; I am not confident using it). Second I have very limited patience with the technology, and I don't really cope well when it misbehaves.

Yesterday, at any rate, I had a very busy day and when I finally got to sit in front of a screen with time to blog I found several things which belonged on Biased BBC instead of here. Thus it goes sometimes.

Still, regarding blogging I found this a very heartening piece- not to say delightful- from Scott Burgess. In my view blogging has far to go before it has revealed the extent of its potential, but as Scott points out, it has some intrinsic qualities which, if you like, give the project its water wings. My view of newspaper/antique media today is that it's hideously reductive, lacking the sense of social responsibility which undergirded its history. So in those respects, in a way, blogging can't fail- which makes it a likely success story, I feel.

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