Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wrong Again: the MSM

Richard North has a classic post up at Euref; one of those where the apparently unstoppable force of media hype meets the immoveable object of historical fact, and squishes like an overripe tomato.

As the BBC have been reminding us, it's the third anniversary of the Iraq war. If it weren't that they were reminding us about that perhaps there'd be a new season of climate change reporting instead, or Guatanamo, or oppressed Muslims in Europe or...

But we're unlikely to hear about the anniversary of the predictions of mass deaths from BSE. Richard points out that there have been only 160 confirmed or probable cases of vCJD (people alive or dead) in the decade since the Tory Government was lambasted by the MSM (well, they were idiots by that stage, but they were punished less for their real faults than for media generated and spun ones). North quotes the Observer. It's difficult to believe such hysteria could have existed, until you contemplate some of the absurd hysteria about today. In fact, if anything the situation has got worse, and writers like North and Booker who were pointing out the reality back then are certainly further from the media hub than they were.

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