Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some Anniversaries But Not Others

In the post below I noted the tenth anniversary of the predictions of doom that accompanied a Government announcement about Mad Cow Disease. Nothing from the Beeb about that. It would actually be interesting to read an anatomisation of mindless hype, so there's little chance of the Beeb going near it. They loved saying 'how could the US intelligence have been so wrong over Iraq WMD etc', but somehow fail to see the dramatic shortfall between expectation and reality when it comes to their own deranged pontifications.

Needless to say, they make space to remember a nuclear accident, Chernobyl, where slighty fewer people- 56 - died than have died so far in the CJD crisis (which nevertheless represents a case study example of failed punditry). Of course we can argue about fallout in terms of defects of birth and whatnot, but this comment in the BBC's Have Your Say, like a seed fallen on stony ground, seems to me to have real merit:

'How about querying why the environmental pressure groups' estimate of 300,000 to 400,000 deaths caused by Chernobyl does not tally with the actual death toll to 2004 of 56.'

1 recommendation demonstrates how the reality game is a minority sport.

Oh, and another thing: I really resent the BBC's giving the ETA ghouls centre stage for a spurious announcement made in full fascist regalia. Who made these evil clowns the story except their own pathetic and murderous activities? I so dislike the BBC's responding to the whims of people only notable for their criminality.

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