Monday, March 27, 2006

Lacking a spine

This is not a post about the BBC's lacking courage. They do, but the metaphor is a bit more literal than that. I'm referring to an interesting article concerning the booming state of the Israeli economy which is paradoxically dominated by the BBC's focus on poverty.

The trouble is, like so many BBC reports, it lacks the spine provided by recognition of fundamentals. So we get a jelly-like rambling commentary telling us how

'Last year, the economy expanded at its fastest rate in years, bolstered by healthy growth in exports, strength in the technology sector and a healthy investment climate.'

You look through the article in vain for the central theme: it is conveyed only in hints about a positive 'investment climate' and how 'a Palestinian uprising sparked a slump' in 2000.

But the real story behind economic growth is the stability brought about by Sharon's barrier policy and unilateral action. Because they will not focus on this, a fundamental issue, they are released to focus on one of their cherished topics, poverty, which enables them to include Palestinian alienation in their 'compassionate' coverage. In doing so they pass over the fact that the gap between rich and poor is mirrored by the gulf between terrorist sponsoring people and law-abiding citizens.

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