Friday, March 31, 2006

More Peacemaker Pants.

'The deaths of civilians in Iraq may indeed add up to violations of the Geneva Conventions, especially Article IV.'

They are also very sad.

I read with some interest this update on casualties in Iraq from a man behind the 100,000 Lancet figure which has become the basis on which every pro-war type like me has found themselves shouted down. It's hard to argue with the raw power of mass death.

I am sure they figure something like that the figures given by the pro-war people prior to the Iraq invasion were phoney, therefore sauce for the goose can become sauce for the gander.

The trouble is that the figures for deaths before Saddam have not been properly investigated, as is hard to do when the public and the government of Iraq mainly want to avoid going the same way via a bomb or a bullet direct to the head- and they know that unlike the US and UK soldiers, the Islamofascists don't care who they kill as long as the effect is right for them.

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