Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not much time... to write, so a couple of links only.

I promise you a rollicking experience if you visit Dr Crippen's site for his great big round up. Medical blogs have their own slightly disinfected flavour, I've discovered from reading his posts and the subculture of mediblogging which is emerging. They sanitise, or more accurately rationalise, some parts of life which are usual quite unclear, like death and sickness, and at the same time introduce a special kind of randomness and chaos. This round up shows you just what I mean.

Now, have shared possibly the most unsettling, let me direct you to the post which spoilt my morning, from the Belmont club. Not only does it paint a desperate picture of Iraq, it also references respectfully the current bete noir of anti-Beeb blogging, Riverbend.

There you go. Don't get bored.

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